web marketing

web marketing

It is now difficult for a company to break into the Internet without web marketing. All about digital marketing.

In the digital age, webmarketing has become an essential lever in the growth of a business. It is therefore essential to know more about this type of marketing strategy.

Also called e-marketing or netmarketing, webmarketing is often associated with digital marketing. It brings together the different marketing techniques that aim to promote a brand, a product or a service through the Web. It makes it possible to attract customers and develop activities thanks to technological tools relating to the web such as websites, social networks and e-mailing.

In addition, webmarketing is the association of marketing, communication and sales techniques with computer, computer graphics and telecommunications technologies.

What are the fields of application of web marketing?

web marketing

First, webmarketing applies in the commercial context where it is perceived as an end. It also comes into play on all relational levels such as customer relations, visibility on the Internet and loyalty. There are specific web marketing techniques such as content marketing that can increase website traffic and build customer loyalty.

The scope of digital marketing is therefore very broad, but the main purpose remains sales. All actions related to the Internet to achieve this objective can therefore be associated with web marketing.

What are the components of web marketing?

Four main elements related to web marketing are essential if a company’s website is considered the foundation of an online strategy.

Strategic web marketing

This first element consists in establishing an acquisition strategy including three actions which are:

  • Analysis of the current situation

This analysis is carried out by a study of the market by comparing supply and demand, then by analyzing the competition as well as the positioning.

  • Strategic watch

Strategic monitoring consists of studying new developments on the Internet, especially in the competitive sector.

  • The web marketing mix

This application of the marketing mix to the internet consists of different actions aimed at implementing PPDC strategies.

  • Traffic generation

Traffic generation is the main issue of netmarketing. To do this, the use of a few levers is essential.

  • Natural referencing and paid referencing;
  • Emailing
  • Online advertising
  • Social networks

Performance analysis

Performance analysis

In addition to a good marketing strategy, performance analysis is essential to adjust them to the results. This analysis is done through the consideration and transcription of web data. In addition, it is based on sales made, visibility or traffic. Many tools such as Google Analytics or Woopora now allow this analysis to be carried out.


More than a promotional tool, the Internet allows companies to maintain their relationships with customers. This is why web marketing takes loyalty into account. This results in the creation of a blog or a forum or the realization of polls. The sending of personalized e-mailings or the creation of community platforms can contribute to this.


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