The 10 busiest airports in the world

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People who travel often take advantage of the plane to move around the planet. Nearly 4,000 commercial airports are spread around the world and all of them are different. Today, we bring you the latest ranking of the ten busiest airports in the world, in terms of international flights.

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Dubai International Airport

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Dubai Airport in the United Arab Emirates takes the lead among the busiest airports in the world. He was also voted among the best in the world given the high level of performance: who will that surprise? It acts as a crossroads between Asia, Europe and Africa. Many air routes stop there.

It is capable of absorbing a hundred million passengers a year thanks to its three terminals. The latter transit there in excellent conditions: luxury shops, Zen garden, bars and restaurants, cutting-edge services… Everything is done to optimize the travel experience and make their business or leisure trips unforgettable.

London Heathrow Airport

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Welcome to London… or rather twenty kilometers from downtown London. Such a distance was necessary to build this monumental complex with two runways and five passenger terminals. London Heathrow Airport is served by over 90 different airlines.

It has been the preferred departure point to North America for decades. It leads to more than 170 destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, America, Oceania… These varied drop-off points (sorry, landing) make it the second busiest airport in the world if we stick to flights international.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

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Clearly, Europe ranks well in this ranking of the busiest airports in the world. Among them, there is a very large airport in the heart of a very small country: Schiphol Airport, near Amsterdam. Hub of global air traffic with 350 different destinations, it is the home port of KLM and Transavia. These Dutch airlines are today real air multinationals.

The remarkable building of Schiphol Airport is a high-tech architectural work integrating a large number of shops. Moreover, it is in the center of a real city where 500 companies employ 65,000 people day and night.

Istanbul Airport

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Brand new, all beautiful: Istanbul airport, operational since 2018, expects to exceed 200 million annual passengers when its development is completed. It will then be the largest in the world with six tracks. A real connection between Europe and Asia, it now serves more than 350 destinations. Located on the European side of the city on the shores of the Black Sea, it is about forty kilometers from the city center.

This pharaonic airport project gave birth to the largest terminal in the world with an area of… 76 million m². The bold architecture draws inspiration from traditional Turkish buildings for a unique visual experience.

Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport

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Among the busiest airports in the world, Paris – Charles de Gaulle ranks fifth with 120 countries served. This colossus extends over the departments of Val-d’Oise, Seine-Saint-Denis and Seine-et-Marne. Hub of the national airline Air France, it hosts most long-haul flights departing from Paris. Nine air terminals, three large terminals, four runways, nearly 100,000 direct jobs: the figures make you dizzy.

A national pride, Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, opened in 1974, is a behemoth of global airport activity. The capacity of the platform should reach 120 million annual passengers in 2024. It will take that for the Olympics!

Frankfurt am Main Airport

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In sixth position in this ranking of the busiest airports in the world, here is Frankfurt airport. Located about ten kilometers southwest of the city center, it has four runways, three passenger terminals (including the luxurious Lufthansa terminal) opening onto nearly 150 boarding gates.

Everything here is done to reduce waiting time and increase the satisfaction of a heterogeneous international clientele. Relaxation lounges, business centers, complete bathrooms, shops, pharmacies, children’s play areas, prayer rooms… The airport is the first in Europe if we stick to the volume of cargo

Hamad International Airport in Doha

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Hamad International Airport in Doha is the only airport in Qatar. In 2014, it replaced the old Doha International Airport. This gigantic airport base is the operational headquarters of Qatar Airways. Among the busiest airports in the world, this one stands out for its high level of luxury. It also bears the name of the former Emir of Qatar.

The airport is famous for its giant bronze statue of a teddy bear nicknamed “Lamp Bear” created by Swiss artist Urs Fischer. It has two parallel tracks 2 kilometers apart from each other. The largest of them measures 4,850 meters by 60 meters wide. It is the longest runway in Western Asia.

Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport

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Inaugurated as far back as 1931, Madrid-Barajas airport is located northeast of the Spanish capital. Moreover, line number 8 of the metro leaves directly from the first floor of terminal n°2. The first airport in Spain acts as a connection point between the European continent and South America.

For obvious historical reasons, the country maintains privileged relations with its former Latin American colonies. Travelers from Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile or Brazil take advantage of four passenger terminals and four runways. Served by nearly 100 different airlines, it owes its name to the first elected head of government of Spanish democracy.

New York International Airport – John-F.-Kennedy

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The Big Apple, a city of superlatives, has no less than three different airports. Named in honor of the former American president, it is one of the busiest airports in the world. It was built in southern Queens 25 miles from Times Square.

Almost all international flights from the New York area pass through this 20 km² space. With four airstrips, some 100 airlines serve it daily. For the anecdote, it is notably the subject of the film “The Terminal” carried by the brilliant Tom Hanks.

Miami International Airport

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This ranking of the busiest airports in the world places Miami in tenth place. The Florida metropolis is the first air gateway between the United States and Latin America. Its geographical location also makes it one of the preferred air nodes to Europe. More than 125,000 people a day share its 130 boarding gates over 700,000 m².

Very aesthetically successful, it hosts many artistic galleries and exciting cultural spaces. Visitors enjoy their walks in the huge halls of “MIA” to pass the time while waiting for takeoff. They will also recognize the special setting featured in a large number of films and series.

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