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Do you want to start a business, want to start a business in 2022, but have no ideas?

In this guide, we deliver the 8 best business ideas, online, profitable and possible even with a small budget.

  1. Offer an Online Service as a Freelancer

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As a Freelancer, you can offer online services in different business sectors such as web, e-commerce, consulting, graphic design, development, business systems, training and many more. others.

You are spoiled for choice!

It’s up to you to find the business idea that makes you dream, that fits your skills and your know-how.

  1. Create a Profitable Blog

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Making a living blogging is possible!

We recommend this business idea to you if there is a niche that you master and like to talk about.

There are obviously an incredible number of blog ideas: travel, cooking, fashion, news, sport, photography, gardening, DIY, marketing, health, tourism… There is a good chance that you will find the theme that suits you.

As you can imagine, however, it is not enough to write a few articles here and there to make a living from blogging.

This business requires regularity, real enthusiasm for the theme you have chosen and a solid marketing strategy.

Before you jump in, do some research to find out if there is demand for your niche. Does the topic you plan to write about have potential?

There are free tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest that help you analyze search volumes on a specific term.

If there is a demand, you need to make sure to bring value to your readers by publishing interesting and quality content.

You will then need to look at the different marketing techniques that will allow you to monetize your blog.

This can be online advertising, sponsorship or affiliation, for example.

  1.  Web development

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Let’s continue in the world of web professions, with web development which consists of designing and adapting the technical functionalities of a website or a web application.

The job of developer requires knowledge of at least three programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, etc. and above all to be constantly trained in the evolution of these languages ​​and in new techniques.

If this is a job you like and you want to develop your business as a developer, know that in 2021, it was the most sought-after job in France.

The key is to nestle in so you can increase your rates and enjoy the luxury of choosing your customers. Take for example the profession of WordPress developer, it is niche enough for you to be seen as a reference in the field. Moreover, the WordPress platform is so popular on the web that you can be sure that there will be enough requests.

Indeed, the demand greatly exceeds the supply, which means that you will never be short of work, provided you provide a quality service that meets the requirements of your customers.

  1. Web Writing & Copywriting

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Do you like writing and want to live your pen? Web writing also has a bright future ahead of it.

You can choose to specialize in a particular theme or choose to select on different subjects.

To get started in this online business, a perfect mastery of the language of writing: good grammar and an excellent level of spelling are naturally required, not to mention the syntax.

Working on your writing style will also allow you to give your texts the personality that will make all the difference in the face of increasingly tough competition in the field.

Finally, mastery of office tools and a good foundation in web integration are also strongly recommended!

  1. Become a Virtual Assistant

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Are you self-employed, versatile, autonomous, good at project management, commercial management and customer relations?

The new profession of virtual assistant, qualified as a profession of the future, should interest you.

The great advantage of this business is to have very diversified missions.

Indeed, the virtual assistant is a real Swiss army knife who must have many skills in computers, office automation and new technologies.

  1. WordPress Website Design

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Since the Covid-19 crisis, the number of websites has increased by almost 10%. Many companies have realized the importance of making themselves known and selling their products or services there.

Becoming a WordPress website designer is a good idea if you are creative and have an attraction for digital communication.

There are many free resources available on the Internet to help you learn this trade or improve your skills.

Again, this is a job requiring a good portfolio to attract prospects.

There is surely one or more people in your entourage with an activity and for whom you can design a WordPress website.

  1. Audio to Text Transcriber

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The role of the audio-to-text transcriptionist is to respond to requests from companies wishing to transcribe an audio file into text, whether it is a meeting report, a conference, a video or an interview for example.

If you choose this online business, you can choose the type of transcription you want to work on: raw transcription, refined, reformulated, synthesized…

In any case, you will need to master at least word processing tools such as Word, have good spelling and have a good typing speed.

  1. Become a Twitch Streamer

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The concept of Twitch is very simple: broadcast as a Streamer, your game of video games, your sports session, your music… You can even start a debate with your community, in front of spectators who listen to you and comment live.

The streamer is still a rare species, because it is not easy to live from it, to reach the status of Twitch partner, you must have an average of 500 simultaneous views, organize a minimum of 3 sessions per week and create a community of fans. .

There are different ways to generate income by playing online:

The advertisement,

partners and sponsors,

Tips left by Internet users,

But also the income paid directly by the platform. Twitch users can subscribe to a paid subscription and in this case, the platform pays around 50% to streamers.


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