18 Instagram business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs


There is no shortage of business ideas on Instagram ! And that is ultimately the whole difficulty: how to make the right choice?

It must be said, it has never been easier to realize a commercial project on Instagram. The problem is that there are so many possible choices that it can be difficult to choose the right one.

You can bet on Instagram for many reasons, for example to:

expand an existing business;

diversify your income;

start a new career.

Whatever your goals, Instagram can help you achieve them effectively. About 60% of the platform’s users belong to a key demographic segment, that of 18-34 year olds. And unlike its competitors, the gender distribution is roughly equivalent.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to 26 Instagram business ideas that will help you find inspiration.


18 business ideas on Instagram

       1. Photographer


Over the years, Instagram has added more and more features, but the platform remains primarily dedicated to photography. As such, it is clearly the best place to showcase your artistic talents.

Keep in mind that you are not only selling photos, but also the possibility of materializing a work seen on a phone. Do not hesitate to present your creations in a rewarding way.

       2.visual artist


Digital photography is arguably the most obvious artistic medium for Instagram, but many others can take advantage of the platform’s visual interface.

Painters, sculptors and other visual artists can sell their works here.

       3. Graphic designer


Graphic designers are never just a type of business that offers visual products. They therefore have every interest in exploiting Instagram’s positioning, especially since the brands they work for are also seeking attention.

By posting your designs on Instagram, you promote both yourself and your customers. Just make sure you have their permission.

       4. Makeup artist


The body is your canvas? Instagram is also the ideal platform to ensure your promotion. Your work being visual, you have a natural source of content to establish your presence on Instagram.

Be careful, be sure to ask your customers for permission before posting your photos on social media. Most of them will agree to become your models, but that does not prevent you from asking them beforehand. This is both a question of ethics, but also of respect for the customer relationship.

You can also just post photos of yourself wearing your own makeup.

       5. Web designer


For most people, websites are above all a visual experience: do not hesitate to post your most polished designs on Instagram.

The features of the platform will help you highlight the interactivity of your designs. A carousel publication, for example, will allow Internet users to discover the different parts of your site. You can also use videos to showcase animated interactions.

       6. interior designer


Who doesn’t love photos of exceptional interiors? Instagram will thus be the ideal partner for your interior designer activity.

Scandinavian minimalism or busy and eclectic atmosphere, no one can resist the urge to discover the interior of their neighbour.

       7. Event planner


Even companies offering services that are sometimes difficult to illustrate in photos can attract crowds on Instagram. Post photos of events you’ve brought to life to show how much you know how to set the mood.

       8. Event promoter


If you’re an event promoter, you’re probably already using social media on behalf of your customers. Why not use Instagram for your own account?

As of this writing, large gatherings in enclosed spaces remain risky in many places, but the demand for social connection is greater than ever! Post photos of events you’ve promoted that allowed attendees to have fun without harming public health. You are sure to attract the attention of new customers!

       9. Sports coach


To boost your income, offer your sports coaching services on Instagram.

You can use many types of content to promote your brand: exercise demonstrations, motivational content or dietary advice, for example. You can even live stream your workouts on Instagram Live.

       10. Baker


Who didn’t start baking during the first days of confinement? Now that our leaven has died a beautiful death, we are ready to pay someone else to make our bread. Why not you ?

Delicious crunchy bread or airy macaroons, the aesthetics of all these little marvels are ideal for Instagram.

       11. Commercial on Instagram Live


With Instagram Live, Meta made it possible for Instagrammers to broadcast their video live. The platform then went further with Live Shopping, which combines live with the possibility of buying products.

Everything becomes possible! You could offer product demonstrations in the style of American teleshopping or put on a show like Ronco’s famous infomercials.

       12. Influencer


On Instagram, the term influencer can mean many things. In truth, many players on the platform can be considered influencers. Their common point? Monetize their influence on their followers by acting as marketers for other brands.

To make selling your influence your Instagram business venture, you first need to think about your personal brand identity. Let’s see the main categories of influencers that can be listed today.

       13. Lifestyle influencer


Lifestyle influencers build their empire on their personality. Generally, they craft a personal life on Instagram that speaks to their followers. This relationship is then monetized through brand partnerships.

Some influencers create a bond with their subscribers by presenting them with a carefully controlled life that makes them dream. Others bet on the sensitive chord, by monetizing difficulties with which everyone can identify or completely realistic situations.

       14. Influencer trips


Influencer trips are positioned as the benchmark for knowing which places to visit and which activities to do. With enough followers, you will be able to sell your influence to the marketers described by globetrotters.

You can also monetize your influence with the hotels and other points of interest you frequent, but also promote brands that offer items intended for travelers, such as suitcases, backpacks or shoes that are as comfortable as they are elegant.

       15. Kitchen influencer


If you are more successful behind the stove than at a restaurant table, Instagram is also for you. As a cooking influencer, you will share your recipes and demonstrations to attract followers who want to learn how to cook or just watch you.

In the kitchen, there is always a lot going on visually. Instagram’s video sharing options allow you to diversify your contacts with your audience. Publish short videos in the form of stories or reels, or broadcast your cooking demonstrations a little more substantial live.

You can monetize your Instagram chef influence by promoting cooking brands, as well as use it to sell your own cookbooks and other products.

       16. Animal influencer


Animal photos have dominated the Internet since it was possible to send images there (the famous I Can Haz Cheezburder meme is already 15 years old). But Instagram makes monetizing your pet’s image easier than ever before.

The global pet market saw 28% growth in 2020. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder sponsored content and affiliate links for products for your best friend can be so lucrative. than those of products for human beings.

       17. Product tester


About half of Instagram users use the platform to discover new brands. As a product tester, you make money by partnering with brands that offer you to review their products and show them to your followers.

It is better to be transparent about the relationship between you and the brand in question: your value directly depends on the trust you inspire in your audience. If he thinks you rate the brands that pay you favorably, your business on Instagram will fizzle out.

       18. brand ambassador


The line between influencer and brand ambassador is blurry to say the least. One major difference: brand ambassadors typically focus on a single brand. Influencers tend to advertise several of them.


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