The last few years have seen e-commerce websites take a growing place in the real economy, led by Amazon, which makes its founder and director, Jeff Bezos, nothing less than the richest man in the world. What face will trade take this year? Will the physical trade manage to maintain its positions? Will technological advances challenge work as we know it today? Will the franchise still hold its role of guaranteeing the success of traditional stores? What are the sectors that will develop in the coming years?

Upcoming upheavals in the labor market, a source of business ideas

Most labor law specialists and sociologists are convinced that artificial intelligence will change the way we view our professional careers. The uberisation of the economy will lead to a shortening of contracts, or even the disappearance of permanent contracts, replaced by missions paid by the task. We are entering a transitional phase that must be understood without hiding behind certainties. “Thus from 2022, more than two million jobs will be managed by artificial intelligence and two other million will experience difficulties, if they do not disappear completely” indicates Caroline Hirtzberger, Marketing and Brand Communication Director at Euler Hermes, a specialized group in credit insurance.

Franchise business ideas 2022

In France, franchising has largely developed. In 2018, there were some 2,004 networks and 75,193 franchised points of sale on national territory (source: French Franchise Federation). 1st in Europe and 3rd in the world, the French franchise recorded a turnover of 62 billion euros that same year and represents nearly 700,000 direct jobs.

Each year, new brands are born allowing project leaders to get started with innovative concepts. Without being able to rely on the experience of other franchisees, these business leaders with a pioneering spirit must nevertheless carefully analyze the results of the franchisor in its pilot units before committing to a contract lasting average of just over five years.

Ideas for restaurants to open in 2022

Heavyweight in the franchise, catering continues to attract both professionals and people in retraining. At the next edition of the Franchise Expo Paris trade show, this area will still be widely represented and the maintenance of the burger and the pizza in the lead is confirmed. Networks will exhibit for the first time, such as La Pizza de Nico, Pizza Cosy, Five Pizza original or Bioburger, Burger Factory and Independence Burger. We should also highlight the poké bowl and Asian cuisine trends in fast food franchises.

Creative ideas on the kitchen sector

This is the flagship furniture segment, the one that outperforms, recording growth of more than 5%. In 2019, specialists in the sector experienced double-digit growth every month. There are many networks, each with their own specialty. Thus, SoCoo’C occupies the accessible kitchen segment. The network recorded 23% growth last year and sold nearly 44,000 kitchens, compared to 38,000 in 2018. That same year, 14 new points of sale opened, bringing the number of stores under the banner to 157. This year, SoCoo’c plans to open at least 12 new franchised units.

Concepts with original positioning are also popular, such as Cuisines Venidom, which has chosen to make itself known with a truck-store concept, or Cuisines Raison, which operates without a point of sale with a concept of kitchen fitters at home.

Profitable concepts in the beauty sector

Nail care, beauty of the eyes, permanent hair removal, these sectors with a feminine connotation offer great prospects for development. Building on a specialty, unlike generalist networks, brands are doing well by providing expertise and know-how. In this area, we no longer present Onglerie, Le Boudoir du Regard or even Depil Tech.

Create a business and find a new business idea

In this context, whether you create your own business alone or join a franchise network, it is essential to carefully choose a profitable and sustainable business sector. Here we suggest that you focus on three sectors that have a bright future according to all financial analysts: organic and fair trade, energy renovation and services for dependent people.

  1. Organic business idea


The cash-purchase sector is also benefiting from the positive effects of this underlying trend, with consumers increasingly inclined to avoid, as much as possible, buying new items, favoring second-hand goods. Beyond France, 87 countries have adopted binding organic regulations, with the European Union being at the forefront on this subject. Enough to see the future in… green for the sector. Figures: Organic Agency

The planet and its resources are not in good shape and we all have to make an effort by consuming less and above all by consuming better. To help us in our choices, organic stores are there and are multiplying on our street corners, offering products from nearby localities or from countries where ethical trade is really respected. In this context, in addition to their shelves highlighted within their traditional points of sale, the major chains have been offering brands dedicated to organic for years. This is the case for the Casino group, which deploys its Naturalia everywhere in France, whether in the city center, or now on the outskirts on large formats, like the Brétigny sur Orge unit in the Paris region. .

Examples of organic businesses that work

The same goes for Carrefour with its Carrefour Bio, which opened its first copy in Paris in 2013 and is now spreading across the country, offering some 6,000 references to its loyal customers, concerned about the environment.

The Bioburger fast food brand is in the same niche, its products being certified 100% from organic farming. The network currently has about ten locations and its development plans are ambitious, commensurate with the burger market, 1.44 billion of these sandwiches of American origin having been sold in France in 2018! Many other brands are available for franchising in the food sector, we let you discover them on our site with our section dedicated to organic…

    2. Energy renovation, a sector of the future and a business driver


Even if state aid has a fairly invigorating effect, there is still a long way to go to achieve the only 100% housing stock by 2050 and franchise networks are taking advantage of this manna to develop, both in the sector of the works than in that of the window. Figures: ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management)

The best way to fight against global warming is to be careful not to spend energy unnecessarily, especially since the resources of our planets are not infinite. To do this, providing good insulation for your home seems essential and all new constructions meet draconian standards in this area, through government measures encouraging developers to make efforts in this area. Regarding old homes, many companies offer work to improve energy performance, in order to lower the heating bill while consuming less.

Among the franchises operating in this field, let us mention Préservation du Patrimoine, holder of a Franchise Revelation in 2018, and which now has 21 units scattered throughout France.

Born nearly 40 years ago, Isocomble has developed a blowing technique to insulate attics without carrying out major work. Very profitable, this activity is experiencing growing success and each franchisee is fully trained before launching their activity, in order to master not only the technique but also the customer approach.

FCA – Façadier Concept d’Avenir also brings its expertise in terms of energy savings, allowing any owner to enjoy housing that contributes to making the air on our planet purer, by reducing greenhouse gases.

In neighboring areas, Natilia and Maisons Bebium specialize in the construction of timber-framed houses, a method that makes it possible to build pavilions that meet the latest standards while maintaining a reasonable price, accessible to first-time buyers.

Finally, the big names in the window industry, such as Tryba or Grosfillex, have a catalog of several hundred references, where environmental values ​​figure prominently in terms of positive spin-offs for the planet.

     3. Always more human services in new businesses


Government aid makes it possible to fight against undeclared work, and the digitization of brands, as well as their notoriety, allows them to attract ever larger targets. The number of agencies has literally exploded in recent years and their offers are diversifying, ranging from classic cleaning/ironing to meal delivery and home care assistance. The adaptability of home-based franchise networks is a real strength and the business is very profitable, requiring no stock or compulsory premises to operate. Numbers: XERFI

Entrepreneurs wishing to set up on their own in a sector of the future will be spoiled for choice in this area, as the number of networks has been steadily increasing for decades. Among the pioneers in this field are APEF, and its satellite networks O2 Care Services and O2 Care Services Gardening. Together, these three brands represent several hundred locations, accessible from a personal contribution of around €20,000.

Other well-known networks, such as La Main Tendue, Les Menus Services, All4home, Aquarelle, Age d’Or Services and DomusVi Domicile, are also experiencing strong growth from one year to the next, helped in this by the state tax incentives.

In the specific field of para-medical, the three brands Distri Club Médical, StudioSanté and Bastide are successfully occupying the niche of equipment and home care. Finally, Dom&Vie offers to carry out adaptation work in customers’ homes or within local authorities, so that all these places can accommodate seniors and dependents, with the best possible comfort.


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