6 things you must to do for finding a job on LinkedIn

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Linkedin was created in 2003, see the history on Wikipedia. A platform designed specifically for job search. Before 2006 (the creation of Facebook), 2007 (Twitter) and 2008 (iPhone), we didn’t have so many changes visible on LinkedIn. Since the massive arrival of various social platforms, LinkedIn has modernized and added several strings to its bow. Several “university friends”, former colleagues, companies and publications search functions are integrated. There was the improvement of the “resume” with sections such as skills, content, experiences, projects and many others. There was the creation of the business page and their notifications. You will see that our LinkedIn training covers all the roles that LinkedIn has to offer, but let’s continue on its positioning and roles.

The multiple features of LinkedIn

Sometimes you’ll see professionals on LinkedIn looking for partnerships, helping relationships, investing, and jobs. You will even see SAAS marketing, mutual aid on different projects, better visibility for business pages and much more. Lately, with the COVID-19, we see the arrival of virtual events, more precise hashtags, a modification of the search bar with Boolean markers. There are always new LinkedIn features.

Linkedin is the platform par excellence for the development of your business

Right now, 2022, we have a population of over 850M people who have accounts. About 59 companies and nearly 128 thousands schools.

What is the potential of LinkedIn?

The potential of LinkedIn was already, since 2015, in very great ascent with its use. Since covid-19 and telecommuting, we can really see an increase in membership and usage. We find most of the countries which are well connected with the web and where several trades go through the web. It is not negligible as a potential. An even more credible source than our perception is Forbes. She previously mentioned according to a survey that 82% of decision makers use LinkedIn to validate referrals and expert information.

The possibilities of using LinkedIn are many now at the professional level. Since its creation, the goal has been to find jobs by optimizing your profile like a C.V. Then to connect with human resources professionals. Since the arrival of other social platforms, LinkedIn has updated to offer the possibility of posting on a news feed. The search bar has been activated to find contacts and develop your professional network.

We can now also communicate as a company page on LinkedIn. You can develop advertising campaigns. It is even easier to share experiences, projects, activities and even find investors. Linkedin is powerful for developing your clientele, regardless of your industry!

 Easy way to get the Most Out of LinkedIn …

  1. Connect with workers from the same field

This is an awesome guidance because it authorize you to not only connect with other students on your campus, but it also authorize you to see what clubs they’re in that you can also join! The coolest part to me is that if there currently ISN’T a club that you need on your campus, this is a great way to find people with the same interests to join yours.

2 3That right there can supply great networking opportunities as well as connections that can help you in in your career. It can also help you in your career when you want to hire for a job. As you can see below, you can search for people and then specify by area, like connections, and by the company they work for.

  1. Connect with CEO and HR officer

This is a super awesome tip because CEO and HR can see your profile and ask you work with him or can give a temporary work or suggest your profile on the manger of the company .

An easy way to find some of CEO and HR is to go to the LinkedIn profile of comapanys and then look for them . It’s likely your CEO and HR have that listed in their bios OR you’ll find previous students who are connected with them. If you click on search and determine nature of who looking for  all those people they show you.

  1. Connect with previous co-workers/managers:

3 2If you’re friends with them on other social media platforms , then I feel like this tip is important especially if they have a LinkedIn account

You can also ask your former internship colleagues or your professors to recommend you. Recommendations play the role of reference in the traditional CV. However, focus on quality over quantity. You can also recommend friends so that they can in turn pass the favor back to you.

  1. Use it as a Curriculum vitae

It is an essential tool to promote yourself: – Well written both in content and form, your CV must capture the attention of its recipient. – It is the written support of the argument that you will develop during the interview, namely the highlighting of your skills

Why is the CV important?

4 1Your CV summarizes your work experience, your information, and everything that encompasses your skills. It can help you land your dream job. It is therefore important to take your time when writing it because it must be detailed.

  1. Use search to apply for jobs/internships on linkedin

The more complete your profile, the better you can use this social network to get a job. Indeed, LinkedIn offers offers based on the information and keywords that appear in your profile.

You can also search for other job offers yourself by clicking on the Careers tab and typing in the search engine the keywords that correspond to the internships or jobs that particularly interest you.

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  1. Update your profile regularly

Regularly updating your profile will allow you to regularly appear in search results. Finally, be aware that members who have updated their professional activities receive up to 5 times more connection requests and 8 times more views of their profile. Don’t wait any longer to update yours!


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