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Any e-commerce site is a dynamic website, it is the ideal place to market and sell your products on the internet, you can easily add your products, manage your stock, receive and process orders… We assure you a good presentation of your site, which will facilitate your customer’s purchasing process.

The objectives of the e-commerce website

The e-commerce website is your virtual store, available 24 hours a day and accessible to the general public, it is a tool that allows you to attract new customers, retain your current customers, collect prospects, learn about your brand and your products, give information on your points of sale and certainly boost your sales.

The characteristics of the e-commerce Pack:

  1. Unlimited products
  2. Stock management
  3. Integrated shopping cart
  4. Billing tools
  5. Tax and delivery calculator Promotional tools (coupons, amount, duration)
  6. Analytics and statistics tools
  7. Site management training
  8. Custom Design
  9. Optimized for smartphones and tablets Photo/video gallery
  10. SEO Optimization
  11. Integration of social networks
  12. Contact form
  13. Google maps module
  14. .com Domain Name
  15. Reliable and secure web hosting
  16. Maintenance and support
  17. Telephone or email support

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