Digital Marketing Statistics

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The worlds of marketing and digital intersect and are constantly evolving. Defining an online marketing strategy is all the more essential to develop your business and expand your customer base with peace of mind.

Faced with this perpetual movement, nothing better than a factual and quantified overview to help you make the choices that suit you and take the right directions for your digital marketing strategy.

Focus on 2022 digital marketing statistics.

Digital Marketing

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Natural referencing, advertising, websites, social networks, e-mailing campaigns, affiliate marketing… are at the heart of digital marketing, which aims to optimize a company’s visibility on the web.

Digital marketing offers many advantages to companies and entrepreneurs:

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is effective at a lower cost.

Digital marketing makes it possible to reach a very large audience, but above all targeted and qualified.

Online marketing actions are measurable using different tools and easy to optimize.

A study published by Global Industry Analysts in 2021 shows that the annual growth rate of digital marketing is expected to be around 14% between 2020 and 2026.

Currently, the budget devoted to digital marketing already represents around 72% of global marketing budgets!

Social media

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Let’s start with a quantified overview of social networks in 2022:

  • Facebook (2.9 billion users),
  • Youtube (2.2 billion users),
  • Instagram (1.47 billion users),
  • TikTok (970 million users),
  • Snapchat (500 million users)
  • Twitter (238 million daily users).

Today, as a brand or as an entrepreneur, your presence on social networks is obviously essential in order to develop your notoriety, find new customers or retain your buyers. Your prospects and customers are there and expect to find you there.

Regardless of your target or your sector of activity, there is bound to be a social media that will meet your needs.

Here is a list of statistics that show why you need to work on your presence on social platforms:

49% of Facebook users follow a brand or business page.

Users and businesses exchange approximately 20 billion messages per month on Facebook.

94% of professionals use the Facebook advertising platform.

92% of marketers say Instagram is the most effective social network for launching an influencer campaign.

In BtoB, 67% of web marketing professionals use the Twitter social network to sell their products and services.

On the Social Shopping side:

64% of Internet users say they made a purchase through social networks in 2022.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are the three main platforms on which the French make purchases.

39% of buyers via social networks went through a promotional offer and 25% of them because the product is not marketed elsewhere.

The average amount of a purchase via social media is between 20 and 50 dollars

People between the ages of 18 and 34 are those who buy the most via social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Natural referencing (SEO)

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If your objective is to be present on the first page of Google search results, I obviously invite you very warmly to work on it and to take note of the statistics below:

The search engine market shares are as follows: 67.06% for Google, 20.21% for Bing, 4.99% for Yandex, 3.94% for Baidu and 3.02% for Yahoo.

71% of marketers say keyword targeting is their top SEO tactic.

Marketers who incorporate video into their SEO strategy increase revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

When searching the Internet, 75% of Internet users do not go further than the first page of Google.

27% of Internet users perform voice searches on Google with their mobile device.

About 43.7% of the top ranked websites on Google include reciprocal backlinks.

28% of local organic searches result in a purchase.

Paid Referencing (SEA)

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SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is an excellent complement to SEO when implementing a digital marketing strategy.

Its greatest advantage lies in the near-immediacy of the result. It allows you to very quickly generate qualified traffic to your website.

If we still had to prove its effectiveness:

Advertisements attract 65% of clicks from people wishing to make an online purchase.

On search engines, the first three ads appearing on the first page get 40% of clicks.

Over a million businesses trust Google Ads to sell their products and services.

Google Ads, market leader in online advertising, collects 29% of advertising expenditure.

Facebook Advertising

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Facebook Ads is also a very effective marketing solution for reaching your prospects through advertising.

The main advantage of this network is that there are more targeting possibilities and allow you to reach a target audience that corresponds more precisely to your ideal client.

The growth in advertising revenue on this platform is quite impressive: +33% between 2020 and 2021.

Facebook is massively used, by 94% of BtoC marketers and 85% of BtoB marketers and 56% of them planned to increase their Facebook Ads budget in 2020.

The average cost per click for a Facebook Ad is 0.90 dollar.

Facebook mobile ads account for 84% of Facebook ad revenue.

Websites and e-Commerce

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Websites have become essential for presenting your business and/or selling your products and services online.

In 2022, there are more than 1.9 billion websites online (internet live stats). The most consulted are Google, Youtube and Facebook.

Of nearly 2 billion websites worldwide, only 400 million are active.

72% of small businesses have a website.

More than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile.


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