Creative ideas for the Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving

Why and how to make a pumpkin for Halloween?

Every year, you surely have the habit of hollowing out a pumpkin and then placing a candle in it on Halloween night. But do you know where this tradition comes from? Originally, October 31 was a holiday when the Irish celebrated the god of death before the start of the new year, November 1. It is said that the deceased returned to Earth on this occasion. To guide them, the inhabitants made DIY lanterns with seasonal vegetables, such as turnips. When the Irish emigrated to the United States, they traded the turnip for the more common pumpkin. Today, we continue to perpetuate this tradition, no longer for spiritual reasons but for decorative or culinary reasons. Indeed, it’s a good opportunity to test Halloween recipes at home by choosing a famous horror movie.

Pumpkin carving is one of the must-do activities in October. Here are some original ideas to surprise your visitors.

The traditional Jack O’lantern

Jack O'lantern

To make the traditional “Jack O’Lantern” pumpkin

Steps :

  1. – With a sharp knife, remove the “cap” from the pumpkin. Scrape the inside to remove everything it contains.
  2. – Once the pumpkin is empty, draw Jack’s face on the pumpkin with a marker. This drawing will serve as a guide for a proper sculpture.
  3. – Make triangles for the eyes and a small triangle for the nose. The traditional pumpkin lantern depicts a smiling face and an open, toothless mouth.
  4. – Use your knife to cut out pieces of the pumpkin following your guide drawing.

pumpkin– When all the pumpkin bits are removed, place a candle inside. Opt for a large candle so that it does not completely burn out in one or two hours.

Pumpkin carving: ideas that will be all the rage

Halloween is one of the most creative holidays for indoor and outdoor decorating. There are so many possibilities! It goes without saying that the pumpkin is a basic decoration with endless possibilities.

Are you one of those who use pumpkin carving templates or those who prefer to draw their own designs freehand? Either way, these ideas will help unleash the creativity (and horror?) in you!

spider pumpkin

spider pumpkinThis original pumpkin-lantern idea will please the whole family! Take a pumpkin and some black pipe cleaners for the legs.

haunted house pumpkin

haunted house pumpkinHere’s a creative pumpkin carving idea that will make a big impression on the neighborhood.

Creepy Tree Pumpkin

Sculpt a few and you’ll have a spooky forest of jack-o’-lanterns to display.

Creepy Tree Pumpkin

cute bat pumpkin

bat pumpkinA great idea for kids! This cute bat will look great on your porch or stairs.

 Cat Pumpkin Looking at the Stars

Cat PumpkinHere’s a pumpkin carving idea for the whole family! In addition to pumpkin carving ideas, here are other outdoor Halloween decorations to try this year.

Chewing pumpkin

You can play the spooky angle with this pumpkin carving. All you need is a normal sized pumpkin, a small pumpkin and lots of creativity.

Chewing pumpkin

Spotted and Painted Pumpkin

Painted PumpkinThis pumpkin idea is quite simple, yet effective. You will need your paint of choice, a pumpkin carving kit and some candles to make this unique design.

Black cat pumpkin

Black cat pumpkinThis adorable pumpkin pattern pays homage to one of Halloween’s most classic symbols – cute and festive!

Ghost pumpkin

Ghost pumpkinSimple yet effective, this pumpkin carving idea will give your entryway or yard a ghoulish little look this Halloween.

Pumpkin autumn leaves

Pumpkin autumnLet your imagination run wild with this basic pumpkin carving idea. Eventually, you’ll get a pretty jack-o’-lantern that depicts gorgeous fall foliage.

Spooky Moon Pumpkin

Spooky Moon PumpkinWith this pattern, you will have one of the most original pumpkins on the block.

Smiling pumpkin

Smiling pumpkinSay “cheese”! This pumpkin carving idea is sure to bring a smile.

Toothpick pumpkin

Toothpick pumpkinAccessories are sometimes the best allies when it comes to creating a truly spooky jack-o’-lantern. Stick toothpicks in the carved eyes and mouth of your pumpkin to make it look even spookier.

Lovesick Pumpkin

Lovesick PumpkinShow your love for Halloween and all its ominous superstitions with this heart-shaped sculpture.

The Pumpkin from The Nightmare Before Halloween

Pumpkin from The NightmareThis pumpkin carving idea is sure to give anyone nightmares; after all, she’s inspired by Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas.


If you want to change your style, you can opt for shapes (squares, triangles, hearts, stars, etc.). Carried out perfectly, the sculpture can give something original and different.



You can send messages through pumpkin lanterns. Instead of carving patterns, shapes, or a face, carve letters. Again, the choice of message is yours. Here’s a simple message idea: carve a B on one pumpkin, an O on another, and an O on another. Lay them side by side to form the word “Boo”, a favorite expression of ghosts.


Last and not the least there is a lot of ideas we briefly mention them for example:

  • Creepy Tree Pumpkin
  • pug pumpkin
  • chewing pumpkin
  • Pumpkin Dobby
  • Pumpkin Squirtle Pokémon
  • pumpkin witch
  • zombie pumpkin
  • Heads (of pumpkins) will fall

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Creative ideas for the Pumpkin carving


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