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B2B marketing depends heavily on digital. What is this marketing strategy really about?

B2B marketing is short for business-to-business marketing, It is also called business-to-business marketing.

B2B marketing: definition

B2B marketing corresponds to industrial marketing and is aimed at professionals. It brings together all the marketing strategies used in the context of business-to-business commerce. This is corporate marketing that focuses on sales dedicated to professionals, such as companies, liberal professions or craftsmen.

Although it has similarities with BtoC marketing, BtoB marketing is opposed to the latter which offers services intended for individuals.

Furthermore, B2B communication is based on the organization of shows and fairs.

What are the characteristics of B2B marketing?

Here are some specifics of B2B marketing:

  • Customers are businesses.
  • The potential unit value is higher although there are fewer customers.
  • Purchasing and decision cycles are generally long and require the intervention of several interlocutors.
  • The buyer carries out an in-depth search for information.

Among the specificities of business-to-business marketing are also:

  • The use of automated marketing;
  • The important role of shows and fairs;
  • Lead management issues;
  • The role of interpersonal business relationships.

What is the buying process in B2B?

The buying process in B2B marketing involves five steps.

  1. The appearance of the need

This step concerns the awareness of the consumer’s need. This understanding comes from an e-mail or an interstitial banner.

  1. Identification of the product/service – specifications

After having expressed his need, the customer identifies the product or service. He then searches for information, mainly on the Internet.

  1. The search for suppliers

Online consumers use online price comparison sites to facilitate the search for suppliers.

  1. The negociation

This approach refers to the establishment of an agreement between the client and the company to reach an agreement. It is necessary to achieve the act of purchase.

  1. Choice of supplier and product/service

This is the final step in the purchasing process. However, it can be disturbed if the consumer is not convinced by the method of payment.

How to do B2B marketing?

Several elements must be taken into account when carrying out B2B marketing.

What are the acquisition levers in B2B?

A B2B marketing plan is based on four acquisition levers.

  • Know the consumers well

Prospects and customers should be identified before starting BtoB marketing efforts.

  • Convey relevant and attractive content

The content of the message promotes lead generation.

  • Offer more than a product

It is important to establish a good brand image of the company to add value.

  • Combine marketing and sales

The combination of marketing and sales departments offers better support for commercial prospecting. Note that successful B2B prospecting is based on the generation of quality leads.

How to establish a B2B marketing strategy?

Here are some tips for implementing a B2B marketing strategy:

  • Understand your prospects

It is necessary to proceed to a segmentation of the targets and to focus on the potential customers.

  • Analyze your B2B market

Market analysis helps determine the performance of competitors.

  • Create many points of contact

This step consists of mobilizing communication channels in order to remain visible throughout the customer’s journey.


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