Every year, many people start their own business and become entrepreneurs. Some consider this adventure to be risky – and indeed, there is an element of uncertainty. This means no longer receiving a salary at the end of the month, having a good dose of patience, perseverance and motivation. However, becoming an entrepreneur also means making the choice to change your lifestyle. This project, although it may seem risky, can turn out to be a way of realizing oneself outside the codes of corporate life and the existing world of work. More and more people are being tempted by entrepreneurship, and for good reason: here are 7 reasons to get started.

  1. To create a business and a project that pleases


The tasks that are entrusted to employees in the company are not always in line with what they really like. Whether it is by choice, because the position is simply food, or because there is a difference between what was announced at the time of hiring and the reality on the ground, the gap between pleasure and duty is often very real.

Becoming an entrepreneur allows you to devote most of your time to a pleasant activity, even a passion. Certain actions will undoubtedly be more forbidding. The fact remains that carrying them out to develop your business is often enough motivation. In addition, the realization of a tailor-made project allows the creation of a position that is just as much.

  1. To enhance your skills


The business world is regularly criticized for not knowing how to recognize and value the wealth of its employees. In addition, career development is sometimes slowed down, depending on what is deemed fair and possible by the hierarchy. By becoming an entrepreneur, it is possible to create a tailor-made career development, according to your aspirations. However, there are also employees who have an interesting position. They will turn to entrepreneurship out of a desire for a new challenge.

In either case, the entrepreneurial adventure can become a path to personal fulfillment. The fact of concretizing what was at the beginning only an idea is very often very satisfying for those who undertake. He will establish a plan according to his way of doing things and his own conception of the project and his company. Then, he will have to follow his objectives and carry out the work necessary for the smooth running of his company and its success. The realization of initial ideas is a great source of satisfaction for entrepreneurs.

  1. To have greater freedom


One of the major constraints of life in a company remains the schedules. Whether these are completely fixed or employees have the opportunity to modify them a little, they must still be accountable and take their colleagues into account when managing absences. Holidays can be a real subject of debate within certain departments.

Becoming an entrepreneur facilitates this aspect. The schedule becomes more flexible, and the constraints are fewer. However, they do not disappear: we must also take into account those of customers, depending on the service or product sold. Despite everything, the freedom offered by the entrepreneurial life is one of the main motivations of people who try the adventure.

Depending on the type of activity, some entrepreneurs may even work abroad and become a digital nomad. Each entrepreneur can establish his plan to carry out his life project, according to his own definition of success.

  1. To work in accordance with its values

Some entrepreneurs will set up their business in line with a real life project. This business can allow them to give a certain direction to their activity, by concretizing something that they consider useful for the world. This is what some refer to as the “why”.

Others will have at heart to concretize a business which corresponds to them completely in the values ​​which it conveys. They are as varied as there are entrepreneurs.

  1. To become your own boss… and be able to make your own choices


Being part of a hierarchical system in the world of work has certain advantages, such as having adequate training and benefiting from the advice and experience of other collaborators. However, constraints related to hierarchy are often approached as a real problem in business. They are diverse and varied:

sometimes the opinions and ideas of younger people are not taken into account;

that the capacities and skills of the “oldest” are no longer questioned;

that a superior does not support one of his subordinates and makes him feel it (voluntarily or not);

or simply because the internal protocols are slow and interfere with the proper functioning of a service.

Entrepreneurs have the pleasure of no longer depending on a hierarchical manager. They have decision-making power over their affairs. They bear full responsibility for the smooth running of their business on their shoulders.

They can also choose who they will work with – either as a collaborator or as a client.

  1. For the pleasure of learning

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Although most companies regularly offer training to the employee, the courses offered are generally selected upstream. In addition, they are generally chosen to be in line with the needs and activity of the company. The opinion of the employee is, again, not always taken into account.

Whether by following an online or face-to-face training, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to develop his skills as he sees fit. He can choose from all the existing disciplines. Whether it is to learn how to manage his money, to better reference his blog or to specialize in a specific technique that will allow him to position himself as an expert: everything is possible. The status of entrepreneur does not give the same rights to training as an employee in a company – but there are structures that can support the entrepreneur in the process to study possible financing.

  1. For success and money


The success stories we hear about on the net can make you want to embark on entrepreneurship. This is for example the case of the French Slip. First, the entrepreneur does not necessarily earn a salary. It’s even quite rare. Often, you have to wait a few months or even a few years before the fruits of your labor can be harvested. However, when this is the case, it is indeed possible to earn a better living than by being employed – or even more.

Thus, there are many reasons to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship. Which one are yours ?

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