45 Quotes On The Laws Of Power



45 Laws of Power, a book written by Robert Greene, is a compilation of advice from influential figures from various civilizations. The book is filled with pearls of wisdom from the writings of thinkers like Sun Tzu and Queen Elizabeth. take in from these 45 Laws of Power Quotes.

45 Laws of Power Quotes

Power play has always been seen by Robert Greene as a game. Read on to find these high-power quotes by influential people.

      1.Human language is a beast that few can master.

  1. If you pretend to go against the grain, flaunting your unconventional ideas and unorthodox ways, people will think you just want attention and look down on them.
  2. A person with something to prove will move mountains for you.
  3. “The more you watch out for an enemy, the stronger you make him. –Robert Greene
  4. Do not be merciful – your master had no such scruples in his own cold-blooded ascent to the top.
  5. An air of mastery enhances your presence; it also builds anticipation – everyone will be watching you to see what happens next. “48 laws of power quotes”
  6. ” moves some people Self-interest alone.” Aesop’s fables
  7. “You can’t repress anger or love, or avoid feeling it, and you shouldn’t try. –Robert Greene
  8. For every famous martyrdom, there are thousands more who have inspired neither religion nor rebellion.
  9. The paranoid and suspicious are often the easiest to fool. Earn their trust in one area and you have a smokescreen that blinds their sight in another, allowing you to crawl in and level them with a devastating blow.
  10. All of this would push her into a state of emotional confusion which is a prerequisite for successful seduction.
  11. The greatest skill of all is the ability to make the master appear more talented than those around him.

Sayings about power

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  1. By letting others overpower you, you stay in control instead of falling victim to their insecurities. “the 48 laws of power quotes “
  2. “Any person who tries to be good all the time is doomed among the many who are not good. Therefore, a prince who wants to keep his authority must learn not to be good and use that knowledge, or refrain from using it, as needed. –Niccolo Machiavelli
  3. Reconciliation is out of the question and desired. Only one side can win, and it must win finally.
  4. Whenever you can, bury the hatchet with an enemy, and insist on putting him to your service.
  5. The gods of power disapprove of the frivolous; they give ultimate satisfaction only to those who study and reflect, and punish those who skim the surfaces in search of a good time.
  6. At the beginning of your rise to the top, you must attract attention at all costs, but as you rise, you must constantly adapt.
  7. Never associate with those who share your flaws – they will reinforce whatever is holding you back. “the 48 laws of power quotes “
  8. The power of demonstrating your idea is that your opponents don’t get defensive and are therefore more open to persuasion. Making them physically feel your meaning is infinitely more powerful than argument.
  9. “When trying to impress people with words, the more you say, the more common you appear and the less controlling you are. Even if you say something mundane, it will sound original if you make it vague, open and sphinx. –Robert Greene

Law Quotes

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  1. Never completely trust anyone and study everyone, including friends and relatives.
  2. Some people are slow to get offended, which can lead you to misjudge their skin thickness and not worry about insulting them. But if you offend their honor and pride, they will overwhelm you with violence that seems sudden and extreme given how slow they are to anger.
  3. “my god, protect me from my friends, I can take care of my enemies. –Robert Greene
  4. “don’t assume that the person you are dealing with is weaker or less important than you.” –Robert Greene
  5. attack the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. -Robert Greene
  6. You can’t spend your life worrying about other people’s little feelings. -Robert Greene
  7. Beware of friends, they will betray you faster, because they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and stinky. But hire an old enemy and he’ll be more loyal than a friend because he has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from your friends than from your enemies. If you don’t have any enemies, find a way to make them.
  8. also Love and affection are potentially destructive, in that they blind you to the often selfish interests of those you least suspect are playing a power game.
  9. Have no mercy. Crush your enemies as completely as they would crush you. In the end, the only peace and security you can expect from your enemies is their demise.

Sayings and quotes about power

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  1. If you are unsure of a course of action, don’t attempt it. Your hesitations and doubts will infect your execution. -Robert Greene
  2. A people who cannot control his words shows that he cannot control himself and is unworthy of respect. “48 laws of power quotes”
  3. “Take a bee out of kindness and learn the limits of kindness.” sufi proverb
  4. The most persuasiveness goes beyond the action in a symbol.
  5. Once you enter combat that is not of your choosing, you lose all initiative.
  6. Make yourself less accessible and you increase the value of your presence.

Robert Greene

  1. Do not accept the roles that society imposes on you. Recreate yourself by forging a new identity, one that attracts attention and never bores the public. Be the man of your own image rather than letting others define it for you. Incorporate dramatic devices into your public gestures and actions – your power will be heightened and your character will seem larger than life.


  1. Many serious thinkers have been produced in prisons, where we have nothing to do but think. -Robert Greene “48 Laws of Power Quotes”
  2. But if to avoid the taint of power you try to treat everyone equally and fairly, you will face the problem that some people do certain things better than others.
  3. The mean of deception is distraction.
  4. People trying to show their authority are easily deceived by the tactic of surrender.
  5. “Never waste precious time or peace of mind on other people’s business – it’s too high a price to pay.” –Robert Greene
  6. Perfection lies in quality, not quantity.
  7. Half of your mastery of power comes from what you don’t do, what you don’t get sucked into.
  8. what becomes rarely, suddenly seems to deserve our respect and honor. What remains too long, flooding us with its presence, makes us despise it.

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